Become a trusted advisor

Improve your clients’ financial lives and be paid for the value you create.

"My favourite part is seeing the lights go on and they say, ‘oh my gosh! Why didn’t I know that?’ I consider myself their most trusted advisor."

Pat Hartley, MBA, Owner, Accounting on the Go! Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor®

Be the business partner your clients need

It’s time to break the cycle of time-tracking and hour-by-hour charging that holds back your client relationships. As your clients’ trusted advisor, you can move to a monthly, value-based pricing model. Your clients pay you your true worth, giving you full reward for the value you deliver.

The time you save with a simpler billing model also allows you to get closer to your clients, with insight and guidance that adds value to the relationship.

The power of partnership for you and your clients

  • Plan your growth

    Predictable revenue for you and cashflow for clients.

  • Efficiency that drives profitability

    Save time for you and your clients to focus on growth.

  • Increased loyalty

    Clients appreciate paying for valuable services, not just time.

  • Transparency and trust

    Clients know they can consult and ask questions without extra cost.

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Guide your clients online

61% of clients are demanding online accounting. This means business owners will be looking to accountants to help them set up their online accounting system.

("The Changing Role of Accountancy", Intuit Research 2013)